Core Business
Technological achivements


     We always regard technology and talents as the foundation of VSAIN GROUP, so we try our best to develop and introduce the most advanced technology and make good use of talents. We have already succeed to develop many advanced techniques, such as CIR(Condense Incineration Routinization) high density organic sewage treatment technology, TDI chemical industry sewage controlling technology, microorganism control technology in brewery and paper mill, papermaking dark liquid utilize technology, the waste water of monosodium glutamate utilize technology, technology of retrieving heavy metal from waste water and other sewage treatment technology. At the same time we have introduced the technology of flue gas desulphurization from Germany and Japan successfully.
     The company has already succeeded in launching business in a lot of trades involving papermaking, chemical industry, metal processing, food making, petrochemical industry, leather and fur products, drink manufacturing, electric products, medicine making, nonmetal products , etc..
As the brand awareness is improving constantly, the economic performance and social performance are getting better and better.

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